Online Education is catching up fast in the educational sector. Due to various reasons like money crunch or lack of opportunity people end up taking jobs. Due to this they are not able to upgrade their skills, nor can they leave the earning & take up an expensive full time course. This is where online education plays a very vital role. The education process is fairly simple. The candidate has to log in with his username & password. He gets his study material, classes, notes and all required stuff online. The student can study at his own convenience & doesn’t have to take the headache to traveling physically to the college. In today’s hectic schedule, it’s a great model to enhance your knowledge without taxing yourselves physically & financially. Also the kind of investment on these courses is very affordable. As these courses are online, the institute doesn’t have to make any investments of classrooms, study material, books, staff etc. The set up cost saved as a benefit is passed on to the student. Lastly I heard an Online MBA program it costed my friend Rs 20000 from one of the good institutes. Since geography is not an issue here candidates/students can approach popular institutes across the country. In case of information online about the various courses available candidates can visit popular education search sites like or