Dear sir, I am going through a lot of confusion. I have done CBSE till Grade 9 and then have persuaded IGCSE for 9-10. I am about to start with my IB. I have no intentions to study abroad. My aim is pursue BBA from recognised universities like Christ, Bangalore, Narsee Monjee,etc universities and further MBA from IIM. I have read the IBDP guide and am finding it very difficult and stressful. I am in the notion that CBSE or any other indian board will be far easier for me than IB. I have formed this notion by reading the syllabus of other boards. Am I right? I am a good student and am confident that I will score distinction in IGCSE but still am very confused with IB. I am willing to change the board and want to seek a good advice from so that I dont regret in future. I would like to contact you. Please reply as soon as possible. Please give me your valuable suggestions.