I am an Indian residing and studying in Singapore since primary 1. Now I am pursuing my A levels (12th Std). As you may be aware that Singapore follows the Cambridge syllabus and as such, I have taken Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics as my core subject as determined by the choice (any 2 Science and compulsory Mathematics) that we need to choose. This thus eliminates Physics. The final term of A level ends in Nov/Dec 2013. Now, that I intend to study medicine in India and have been searching high and low on information in my College as well as through friends, but unable to get a relevant answer, of how to get admission to pursue Medicine in India, I request your good self to please guide me in knowing if I could get an admission to a Medical College in India to pursue MBBS. What are the requirements? Are the subjects that I have taken good enough for entry into medical college or is there a way to close the gap? Please do reply.