hii...dis is aditi...i badly need help.. its jst 15 days left fr my pmt n i feel frustrated n nervous! i have really worked hard for d past two years but during dese last days i don feel lyk studying....n if i don study m gona frget everything! my selection in mbbs in really really important for my family! day have made huge expenditures to provide me all d luxuries in past two years...i belong to a middle class family but still my dad never counted on money wen it came to my studies....now its my tym to pay dem bck....bt i fell everything is slipping out of my hand...dis is my dream....i truly wana b a doctor bt sm emotionsl stresses f life r pulling me back! i can't see my dad's dreams breaking....PLZ HELP....dere is a lot f pressure....from family n dis stupid society! This stupid society is gona eat me up if i don clear it...i have lost all my confidence...help!