Hi I finished my bachelor degree from University of Ballarat in Austalia. In Information Technologty. The duration for degree from University is for 3 years. When I went to Australia first time I did my diploma in IT. Later I enrolled in Bachelor of Information Technology. University asked me about my previous education so I mentioned my Diploma and My subject I had studied. so I was told that first year of bachelor has the same subject exactly as my diploma. So instead of studying same subject again they will give me credits. which means I don't have to waste one year studying the same subjects again with that time. They enrolled me in 3rd semester and I finished my 3 years bachelor. Now I came to india and want to pursue master but in indian system I have to study 3 years for bachelor as per AIU, People who validates overseas degree. So system here tells me I have to study for 3 years for bachelor degree... I don't get the point?? is there any law, or proper explanation for this? Is