Dear sir,
<br/>my is yudhisther bca student of sikkim manipal university of distance education.
<br/>i want to do transfare Learning center (Advance Learning Systems) to
<br/>IACM H-9 South Ex-1 south Delhi but my learning center of Director Mr.
<br/>piyush sharma didnand#146;t give me N.O.C, But asked that why can you give me
<br/>N.O.C so he said to me u cannand#146;t change Learning Center thatand#146;s it . But
<br/>when i went to Manipal university head Office and meet to Mr. parveen
<br/>phone and number is 011-40555010. Mr. parveen said to me u cannot
<br/>transfare but i asked that why didnot transfare so he said to me
<br/>accoding to sikkim Manipal university of rull but i know that my
<br/>transfare can be because Sikkim Manipal university toll
<br/>free18002667788 at told me i can transfare. but didnot give me N.O.C
<br/>and i did give this application to director Mr.Piyush Sharma
<br/>pls check attach my application and help me ......
<br/>Thanking you
<br/>Director of
<br/>Advance Learning Systems
<br/>A-146, Sector-63, Noida
<br/>Subject: - Application for N.O.C
<br/>Dear Sir,
<br/>Most respectfully I beg to say i am live in delhi-91.I have completed
<br/>4th sem.your University this year, apply to N.O.C for a transfer
<br/>Because we have to long distance to Noida because I have a problem
<br/>Traffic. So i want to transfer. I have to near about institute of
<br/>IACM, H-9 South Ex-I, So I request you to pls kindly issue a N.O.C., as
<br/>these is only 15/08/2010 let for the without late fees.
<br/>Thinking you
<br/>Your faithfully
<br/>Roll No. 520814588
<br/>Course BCA
<br/>Add. 10/197 khichri pur
<br/>New Delhi-91
<br/>Tel. 09711085064