hey,if you want to go abroad to study in Australia,I can
help you totally for free, just make friends!

My yahoo messeager is oceanoceancat@yahoo.com.au

I am working
for www.enrolme.com, which is a virtual community platformWink,we guys can talk about life and study in
Australia on it casually.

welcome to exchange idea with me!
My name is
ocean, I am a girl!Embarrassed

Enrolme is a vitual community portal established to enable
community activities amoung its members and provides assistance to its members.

Enrolme has a team of consultants on staff and works with it’s
associations to assist it’s member find an institution that meets their academic
and personal goals. Our consultants provide free services to it’s members from
initial enquiry through application, enrolment, pre-departure, post-arrival, and
post-completion. It also provides guideline for DIY student visa application to
save members’ time and cost.

Further, we can refer members to all kind of service providers in relation to
study options, accommodation, travel, banking and student related services in
Australia. Newsletter inform you updated news in relation to activities that
available to members, achievement by members, hints from members, study
information, career coaching by professionals, migration news will be delivered
to your personal saver regularly. For more information please contact a

Our free, tailored counseling service is impartial and includes:

  • Help finding a course to meet member’s academic and personal interests

  • Advice on putting together a strong application

  • Guideline on applying for a student visa

  • Form download for application in relation to enrolment and student visa

  • General Q&A for education and student visa related matters in Australia

  • On line consultation for all enrolment application and student visa

Simply register as a
member and you can search directly online to many courses through our online
databases and receive all free services.