Discrimination? What Discrimination?

Australia is an inherently racist nation. Recent acts of violence against Indian students offer only a small glimpse into the level of discrimination suffered by those of Indian origin.

Racism is a daily part of life in Australia and while I do not claim that all Australians are racist I do believe the majority of Australians hold a thinly veiled fear of all non Caucasian culture. This fear is so ingrained and so much a part of ‘being Australian’ that most can not even recognise the racism right before their eyes.

A country founded by the outcast criminal element of a nation renowned for its own sense of superiority, racism has been a part of the Australian Psyche from the moment the British first stepped foot on our sands . We (the Australian nation) were born of the rape, murder and attempted genocide of the aboriginals and little has changed since.

If you need proof that we are a racist nation look no further than our governments handling of unfavourable media coverage during recent welfare reforms.

In 2007/08 ‘white Australia’ was outraged at the thought of welfare payments being given in voucher form. The most common complaint was that this form of welfare was discriminatory and that the process would unnecessarily embarrass an already disadvantage sector of society.

Did this make the Federal Government reconsider the proposed welfare reforms? No not at all, because they knew their voters well enough to know that simply advertising the fact that these reforms would be tested on aboriginals would quiet the collective complaints of our racist nation.

Once the general population thought these reforms only applied to ‘black Australians’ opinions changed,  No longer was it discriminatory and no longer were the new rules unfair.  No more complaints were heard and the breaking news of discriminatory welfare reform faded away.

There are many predominantly white suburbs in Australia suffering the same socio economic conditions as our remote aboriginals. They were not trialled. The Australian Government chose to trial these reforms on indigenous Australians because it knew what every dark skinned visitor to our shores knows.

Australia is a racist nation and voters will not care if these reforms affect black citizens.

You need only read the bumper stickers openly displayed on Australian cars to know that racism is considered an acceptable part of daily life ‘if you don’t love it leave!’ pasted below a picture of our flag can be found in every city and town. A statement simple to understand quite literally translates to ‘if your not like me, go home!’ and this attitude is most openly expressed by the government!

In Australia we are constantly bombarded by stories of illegal immigrants invading our shores. Our Government (both past and present) have engaged in deliberate campaigns aimed at ensuring that Australians remains constantly afraid, afraid for our safety afraid for families and afraid for our jobs.

From ‘children overboard ’ to the non existent terrorist threat, the Australian government has happily followed the American lead, confused the population and controlled them because if the people are afraid they will follow the leaders without question and what better way to scare us into blind submission but to play on our inherent racism.

When dark skinned refugees flee from war torn countries in the hopes of escaping death and that they may find peace and safety on our shores, our headlines read of illegal immigrants, boat people and cue jumpers.

The Australian government has spent millions of dollars implementing strategies to curb the flow of refugees. Yet they ignore the thousands more English immigrants illegally entering Australia under false pretences.

Through holiday and temporary work visa’s and with no threat to life or no exceptional circumstances warranting their entry, British ‘cue jumpers’ are allowed to live and work freely without suspicion and when caught, the white skinned over stayer  is provided temporary status until approved and allowed to remain in the country.

Despite proving, through their very presence that they do not meet the minimum moral standards, the white ‘backpacker’ is automatically accepted while the dark skinned refugee is detained in jail like asylum centres where they are forced to fight for basic human rights!

The immigration department conducts joint raids with the roads and transport authority knowing they are guaranteed to catch Indian students working more hours than they are legally entitled to within the taxi industry. Such matters are never published in the news but glossed over with comments such as “illegals taking Australian jobs” or “immigration racket smashed”.

Yet there has never been such a raid on the multitude of backpacker hostels, orchids, hotels or nightclubs that openly advertise and illegally employ European backpackers who enter Australia on non working holiday visas.

Indian students who accept below minimum wages  that Australians will not tolerate risk their life working long hours in dangerous conditions  in an attempt to cover the exaggerated fees charged by our universities. Overseas students work harder to pay more for the same degree as their Australian counterparts and still they receive a lower quality education than they could at home.

It makes no difference how educated or hard working you are, if you are not white  you WILL experience some form of racially motivated discrimination if you live or work in Australia.

While the Government claims they will not tolerate any form of discrimination or victimisation of Indian students, it is evident that persons employed in positions of authority within Government Departments openly harass Indian Workers and Business Owners - while ignoring the obviously illegal activities of ‘white-owned’ companies within the same industry.

Companies owned by people of Indian origin, who receive a relatively low number of consumer complaints, are targeted by racist government employees, while other companies owned and operated by white Australians that have received hundreds if not thousands of formal consumer complaints are allowed to continue business without interference.

You would expect, in a country which supposedly prides itself on its multiculturalism, that race would not sway the judgement of those assigned the task of protecting the consumer from unscrupulous business practice.

You would also expect that “white-owned” companies who have been proven to have acted fraudulently would be investigated. No! In Australia it is only the non white business owner that is harassed.

In a recent press release and visits to India to appease the Indian population, Ms Julia Gillard , Deputy Prime Minister Australia , and Messrs. Ms Anna Bligh  (Premier of Queensland) and John Brumby  (Premier of Victoria) – Premiers of the populous and large states, stated on each occasion that “there is no discrimination against Indians in Australia.

However, it is not only Indian students who are targets of discrimination and racial attitudes in Australia.

Yet, quite recently, under the cloak of a Fair Trading matter, a growing Indian Business  was targeted, harassed and investigated on petty matters which had not only be en resolved in the past but where there was no proof of any wrong doing, to the extent that a Senior Government Manager in the Department of Fair Trading took over the investigation “PERSONALLY” because it involved an Indian Business, while similar “white-owned Australian and New Zealand” businesses were not targeted inspite of them actually regularly committing offences for which the Indian Business was discriminately targeted.

The said Manager continues to harass the Indian Company and has not been removed from the investigation. Such managers should be stood aside and the matter allowed to proceed without bias.

Finally, inspite of no proof of wrongdoing, or breaking any laws, the Senior Manager of Fair Trading in a cloak and dagger mission has vowed to “close the Indian Business down.”

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