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As you plan your course of study and career, you may have many questions. Our resources can help you find the right field of study for the career path you wish to pursue. Take advantage of guidebooks and articles on topics such as the different educational options in India. You have a broad selection of universities, colleges and institutes available, and we can help you do your research before you choose.

Our eBooks cover the advantages of studying in India, including student life and celebrations as well as cost considerations. You can read about online education and how it can help you work towards career success. We have lots of advice on how to get started with distance learning programmes. You can also explore career options in India and abroad, with information on salary potential by job sector and suggestions on getting hired. Let us help you build the best future possible with higher education in India.

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Entrance exams in India – Opening doors to future

List of entrance exams that... more
Education is the best tool that helps us build our life the way we want to. Generally we all grow up with a goal to become someone according to our dreams and desires. However, it’s very difficult and confusing to choose the best path. After completing your 12th board...
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Why We Shine: A Complete Guide to Attending College in India (2013)

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Download this free ebook to discover the advantages of studying in India, from career prep and academic standards to student life, fests, and affordability.
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Global Reach of an MBA

Useful infographic on the... more

Useful infographic on the global demand for the MBA degree and for management professionals globally, brought to you by Glocal University.

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