Oracle OAF Online and Classroom Training

OA Framework Training at SMC will help you understand the complete OA Framework Development Life. It will help you understand OA Framework Extension and Personalization. Participants would also get to understand Application Menus and Function Security in Oracle Applications. The trainers would be demonstrating numerous small examples which will help you understand the concepts of OA Framework. Training would focus and ensure that the participants are comfortable using OA Framework for Extension and Personalization. Training Duration : 3 Weeks Who Can Benefit Oracle Forms Developers ERP Professionals/Consultants Course Contents 1. Introduction to Oracle Applications and OAF 2. JDeveloper Overview 3. Basics of the Model 4. Basics of the View 5. Debugging OA Framework Applications 6. Basics of the Controller 7. OA Framework Event Flows 8. Naming Conventions and Standards 9. Error Handling 10. Implementing Business Logic 11. Partial Page Rendering 12. OA Framework State Management 13. O

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