Self Assessment Skills Students Need to Get a Job After College

Self assessment is incredible for both students and professionals, but especially for new college graduates who are about to get their first jobs. Since this is a practice in multiple organizations, you need to be able to do it by the book. It is part of the personal development and it can help you advance your career.

The benefits of self assessment skills for students to get a job after college are quite diversified. Basically, you can assess yourself and make adjustments accordingly, but you can also gain more confidence regarding your capabilities. You will find more suitable programs to grow further and get some direction for your training. Now, how can you improve these skills and what do you actually need?

Be Curious

At this point in life, it is imperative to be curious. You need to ask questions all the time. The more you know, the better – simple as that. Sure, curiosity can be bad, but use it in a beneficial manner to grow professionally. You have to start asking specific questions – more importantly, they must be relevant to your needs.

This is not a natural thing, so you need to develop it overtime. Do not be afraid to ask. Relevance is important because you cannot just ask random stuff – not only is it a waste of time, but it will also give you nothing to help later on. For instance, assuming you have an issue at doing something, ask why you have that problem. Ask how you can solve it. Find out why you have succeeded in the past.

Be Crystal Clear

You need to be crystal clear about your goals and objectives. More importantly, you will have to spend time analyzing them and finding out what you truly want or need in life. At this level, it is imperative to be objective. You need a very honest assessment of yourself. The process can be tough at times, but being dishonest implies lying to yourself – no benefits at all.

Once you decide on your goals, write down some targets. Figure out the most important aspects at work and assess your overall performance based on these goals. At the end of every month or year (depending on your goals), you can assess your results and performance, but you can also make some comparisons. At this point, it is time to ask yourself even more questions, especially if results and goals do not match.

Be Pretentious

You will have to grade yourself. You need a grading system in place. It should be quite formal and provide grades for your evaluations and results. For example, assuming you want to work in sales, there are a few things that make the difference. One of them is communication. The second one is your ability to come up with sales.

Your personal grading system could look like – communication 25%, self confidence 25%, friendliness 30% and enthusiasm 20%. How much have you managed to achieve? Again, it pays off being honest with this grading system. The stricter and more pretentious you are, the more successful you will be in the long run.

A Few Extra Tips And Tricks

Many students avoid self assessing themselves. They forget about identifying their strengths and weaknesses, meaning they never actually manage to overcome their minuses in the long run. This aspect will reduce their chances to pursue their dream careers or advance later on. However, many others actually do it.

The problem is self assessment skills should not be analyzed when you are about to graduate from college only. You should not wait until the last year or month to start defining who you are. How long are you going to need for those minuses? How much longer will you spend to fix yourself and push your career further?

Ideally, self assessment skills should be considered while you are still early in college. After a year, you should have a few clues about what you want to do in life. If it feels too early, give it another year and start then. By the time you finish college, you will have plenty of time to understand your needs and work on the areas that need some improvement.

There is not much to be concerned about if you are too late. If you have already graduated and you are looking for a job, you can still assess your skills and figure out what needs improvement. Indeed, you will need to work a bit harder, but it can be done and results will be excellent in the long run.


Bottom line, these are some of the most important self assessment skills when about to graduate from college and search for your first job. If there is one thing that makes the difference, that is the necessity to be honest with yourself.

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