Top 5 Courses to Do After Your 12th

Students are most confused when it comes to choosing a career path especially after passing class 12th. Whether you are from Arts, Science or Commerce stream there are tons of courses to choose from.

After 12th is also considered a crucial time for millions of students as it’ll be the first step to beginning a new journey and so it's very important to be well informed about the course you want to pursue before making a final decision.

There are a plethora of courses available in India and students can simply pick a course from the best areas comprising Architecture, Design, Law, Business Studies, Pure Sciences, Media, Economics, Engineering and many more. To make it less confusing we have listed the best 5 courses to pursue after the 12th and we hope that you find this article useful as you prepare for your new career path.

1. Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

Bachelor of Engineering or B.E is a four-year course that comprises eight semesters. B.E. course can only be pursued by students from the science stream with physics, chemistry and mathematics as the mandatory subjects. This course primarily concentrates on hypothetical understanding and also the engineering facet of science. B.E. does not concentrate on technical studies or application-based research. Learners can opt for specialization in the engineering field. After B.E. you can go for a Master of Engineering course for more in-depth learning for two more years.

2. Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a three-year course and is one of the best career choices by students after 12th. The good news is, this course can be pursued by students from any stream. BBA course also serves as a gateway to an abundance of job opportunities in various sectors including Management, Marketing, Sales, Education and so on.

The BBA course is available for learners in full-time, correspondence or distance learning and online mode of studies. With the completion of a BBA, you can opt for an MBA or Master’s of Business Administration for advanced studies.

3. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year course for undergrad level and is divided into six semesters. BCA course mainly focuses more on computer science and programming. Learners are provided knowledge on numerous topics including computer networks, programming languages, hardware and software, WWW(World Wide Web), multimedia, etc. Courses offered during BCA are core, foundation and elective courses.

Students who want to pursue MCA or Master’s of Computer Applications can do so after the completion of the BCA course.

4. Pure Sciences

Students from the science stream have many career choices and have a lot of scopes for pure sciences such as chemistry, maths, physics, microbiology, life sciences and many other specializations. If you have completed 12th in the science stream you can pursue a Bachelor's of Science (B.Sc.) for undergrad level and go for the postgraduate level like Master’s of Science (M.Sc) and you can even aim to go for PhD for more career opportunities.

5. BSc in Interior Design

Bachelor's of Science in Interior Design is a four-year-long undergrad course for students who have a talent for designing, planning and creativity. This course is mainly for those who are vastly interested in designing the interiors of personal spaces, offices, restaurants, hotels and many more. Students are taught to visualize and exhibit their designing plans and ideas which are beneficial and career-oriented and have a widespread proficiency from the very basics to advanced interior designing notions to construct an ambience place for their customers.

Students who wish to learn more advanced interior designing after the completion of a BSc in interior design can pursue a 2-year interior designing MSc course. The MSc programme introduces the learners to integrative skills, which are associated with indoor areas, building an atmosphere and aesthetics.

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