Prime Minister Rural Development Fellowship - PMRDF

PMRDF Scheme
Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows Scheme is excellent option in development sector to provide growth options. This scheme mainly helpful to the Collectors and Coworkers in IAP districts and present to them analytical report about the methodologies they should be taken care of. The PMRDFs scholars mainly work around three key strategies:

  • To make stronger the district resources by means of well planned actions and budget
  • Put a stronger system on place by finding alternative ways so that benefits must reach to the needy people
  • Accelerate processes of village planning

Eligibility Criteria

To be Eligible to apply for PMRDFs the applicant must be in the age group of 21 – 30 years; he / she must be holding a post graduate degree in Social Science/ Science/ Management or a graduate in Law/ Engineering/ Medicine; Knowledge of Hindi and local language spoken in the area is necessary. Prior work experience should be a plus.

Selection Process

During the time of application, along with the application form applicants would require answering questions as suggested by selection committee in application manual. These questions may be as follows:
  • How would the PM's fellowship scheme help you to contribute towards the development of areas affected by Left Wing Extremism ? [Approx. 300 words]

  • Identify one of the socio-economic problems of the areas affected by Left Wing Extremism and suggest some measures to solve it? [Approx. 400 words]

  • How will this scheme help you in your future objectives? [Approx. 300 words]
The applicant can select a basic problem prevalent in the IAP district and offer solutions. The synoptic responses will also be used to ascertain the applicant’s ability to write crisply and precisely.
Indicate knowledge of local languages and district preferences.
The winners will be chosen on the basis of their qualifications and experience. Besides written synopsis as mentioned here Group Discussion and Personal Interviews will also be conducted to make final admission offer. 

Application Process

Find exclusive information about PMRDFs application procedure and timeline in the following weblinks:

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