Stress Management

Stress has become an integral part of everyday life. Each and every person is under the grip of stress - starting from a two-year infant to an adult. Stress takes an entry in different forms and it alters the normal functioning of a person. Stress has become part and parcel of an individual’s life. We cannot eliminate stress but yes, we can reduce stress in our life.

This section deals with the different aspects of stress, pressure and tension. It talks about Causes of Stress, effects of stress and tension, coping with anxiety and tips to reduce stress. For students, the National Network of Education (NNE) has a dedicated section on ways to improve concentration. If you have an exam phobia, then you should read articles on on how to overcome exam fear, and tips to reduce exam stress. If you are a parent, you must be worried not only about your personal tensions, but stress that kids face these days. Other than maintaining a good healthy life, Meditation and Pranayama are also two important ways to fight stress.

Stress is an inevitable part in our life but yes can be handled properly when interfaced. Most of the time we are not sure about what we want in our life. It is with this idea in mind that the NNE has evolved and brought forth a new stress-relief programme, titled 'Prerna - Path to Smiles'.The name is very significant indeed, because it symbolizes an inspiration to live and to survive well. This section is a complete handbook style guide on STRESS MANAGEMENT.

Causes for Stress

Most of the people create stressful situation‘s in their life. The grass root of all problems is individuals failing to comprehend themselves. They don’t know what they actually need and what they are striving for. To read more about various causes of stress, click here.

Kinds of Stress

Stress can be of two types: Negative and Positive Stress. While most of us are aware of negative stress in our lives which is also termed as distress; positive stress often spurs a sense of motivation among individuals. Click here to learn about different kids of stress.

Effects of Stress

Effects of stress are long lasting. They can harm the immune system, usher physical and mental changes in an individual. Read more about the different effects of stress.

Tips to Reduce Stress

Most of the time we build up high expectations for ourselves. In these cases, we invite trauma for own self. All problems have a solution we just have to look for a solution. Managing stress is also an art. Click here to read on tips on managing various kids of stress, like parenting stress, exam stress, or trying to overcome lack of sleep.

Exam Stress

Exam stress and exam fear among students is at an all time high. You will hardly fail to read news about students committing suicide on account of pressure in school and college. Students also suffer from lack of concentration and often indulge in eating disorders. Read more on how a student can handle stress during exams and overcome exam pressure and anxiety.

Eating Disorders

Are you anorexic or suffering form any other type of eating disorder like bulimia. You can  be stressed if you because of your eating disorders which can in turn aggravate your health. Read more on eating disorders and effects it has on health.

Parenting Stress

Job of a parent has always been tough. It has become all the more tough today because of lack of time and patience. Yet, as parents, concern for children well being is utmost. In this section, we have everything - from handling stress while managing pre-schoolers to managing teens and young adults. Here are some tips on how to handle parenting pressure.

Coping Strategies for Stress

Medication is no an ideal way to handle stress. There are various ways and strategies that can help an individual to handle and cope with stress. Meditation and Pranayama, India's age old arts, are always the best ways to cope with stress. Click here to read about various strategies to cope with stress.

Stress Factors for Students

As a student, you might suffer from general lack of concentration. This affects not only your studies but your holistic development as well. Our articles in Student's Concerns' will suggest some important tips for improving concentration and minimizing stress.

Decision Making

Sometimes, decision making may be a stressful exercise. You need to be sure whether the decision that you have taken is the right one for you. Decision making  becomes even more stressful when you have to take decision on behalf of others like children or friends. Click here to read more.

FAQs on Stress

If you are looking for answers to some important questions on stress, then read our FAQs section on Stress.

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