Kinds of Stress

There are two types of stress: Negative stress and Positive stress

Positive stress: A positive reaction towards an event. It is termed as “Ustress”. It has a positive effect spurring motivation and awareness, providing the stimulation to cope with
challenging situations. It also provides the sense of urgency and alertness needed for survival when confronting threatening situations.

Negative stress: A negative reaction towards a particular event. It is termed as distress. It is a contributory factor in minor conditions such as headaches, digestive problems, skin complaints, insomnia and ulcers. Excessive prolonged and unrelieved stress can have a harmful effect on mental, physical and spiritual health.

The categorization of stress corresponds to the particular idiosyncrasies of the individual. Different people react differently to a single situation; stress can either be Positive or Negative depending on individual perceptions and reactions. This statement can be explained through an example:

On getting a job promotion a person might –

   (a) Be happy since it indicates his efficiency level. (Positive stress)
   (b) Be tensed, since it would mean more working hours, hectic schedule, work pressure. (Negative stress)

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