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First impressions: the Pune chapter

Posted on: Nov 28, 2012

Even though I wanted to move out of town to study, the search for a good college began at home (in this case Pune). We wanted to see exactly what I was getting into (especially my Mom). Since my dad was already in the field, he called up a few of his friends and got to know if there were any people he knew (or had known) that were currently teaching. This way, it would be easier for us to get information and an inside review of the college.


I had already seen two of the colleges when I had gone there to give the entrance examination. The first one was BNCA. It had an awesome campus and huge classrooms. The campus was very vibrant and had a high level of energy. All in all, a very good place to be. There was only one small glitch. It was a girls' college. The second one was BKPS. It was my dad's old college and it was considered one of the good colleges in the state. I had a certain level of expectation from it which sadly it didn't really live up to. It was in a very cramped location. There was virtually no campus. The classrooms were small and I couldn't really imagine people working in them for long. The only interesting thing was the frontage. It had been painted by the students and that really made it stand out.


After the exams, I visited a college called MMCA. The architecture wing was part of a large campus and it would have been one of my choices had they not had some issue with the Board of Education. Apparently, people passing out of that college wouldn't get recognition from the Council of Architecture.


The first college that I really felt comfortable with was one called Allana College of Architecture. The institute had a huge campus. It took us five minutes to walk to the Architecture wing. The building was arranged around an open courtyard that enabled people to catch a glimpse of what was happening on each floor. It was also a bit breezy and I liked it. The principal of this college was one of my dad's professors. So in a way, it was more of a walk down memory lane for my dad than it was an introduction to college for me.


The next phase of this little college hunting exercise was supposed to take part in Mumbai. So from what I had seen here, I made up an image of the kind of college I wanted to be in and that was what I took with me to Mumbai.


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