Studying MBA in Australia

MBA in Australia

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A strong educational infrastructure, standard of living, and a relatively cheaper cost of living with respect to most favoured study destinations, has made Australia a haven for prospective candidates with dreams of higher studies.

Australian degrees are being accepted worldwide. Being diverse in its culture and environment, Australia could be the ideal choice for you.

Every top city in Australia like Melbourne and Sydney has exceptionally credible universities, with Melbourne Business School being ranked amongst the top B-schools in the world for the last few years in a row and the MBA programs offered are quite popular with students worldwide.

Why study MBA in Australia?

There are two primary reasons for studying MBA in Australia:

  1. Australia offers internationally recognized MBA programs at prestigious universities
  2. Australia offers a host of other advantages for students

To understand the significance of the first point, it is necessary to explore briefly the meaning of the term 'good MBA'. At one point, it is possible in some countries to acquire an 'MBA' certificate through the mail by paying a few hundred dollars. Such “MBA’s” are obviously not worthy, and any employer deceived into hiring such a person would soon make amends. At the other end of the spectrum, are MBA’s acquired on the basis of diligent study and participation over a period of at least 16 months, within a rich learning environment at an internationally-recognized B-school from a prestigious university. The difference between these two experiences lies in the changes that they bring within the student.

MBA from a good school will help the individual grow appreciably, including their ability to work as an effective team member, to lead others, and to be effective in interpersonal relationships through communication, presentation, self-confidence, negotiation skills. In addition, his or her capacity to diagnose the changes required to achieve business success and the power to implement these changes will be increased dramatically.

Australia provides a meeting ground between West and East. Perth, for example, is in the same time zone as Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore.  Developments in Asia are subject to close academic and business scrutiny within Australia, and specific MBA courses are tailored to bring out deep student understanding of the Asia/Pacific Region.

Average MBA Cost in Australia 2017

The cost of an MBA program is similar to US and UK.  As of 2016, MBA in Melbourne Business School costs AU$81400, AU$77760 in University of New South Wales and AU$76000 in Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

To summarize, if you would like to see more of the world, to study intensively in a novel, pleasant, and interesting environment, in order to complete a high-quality, internationally-recognized business-oriented Masters Degree, and to improve significantly on your career prospects, pursuing a MBA is an ideal choice - and Australia is the one of the best places to do it.

MBA Programs in Australia

Australia offers a large number of MBA programs. Australia's oldest universities in particular are internationally-renowned for their distinguished practices in terms of principles that promote holistic development of an individual through unparalleled andragogy and research.

Currently, a total of 50 Australian universities offer different MBA programs. The prevailing model at the better institutions is the 'Harvard style' management degree, which offers around 16 various business related subjects, delivered over a period of 16 months to 2 years full-time. The 16 month program is delivered by institutions who have adopted the trimester system as a means to reduce the opportunity cost of an MBA degree to its students. Students can also study part-time and most choose to do so.

The better MBA programs are truly international in terms of orientation and curriculum. This international focus is enhanced by the large number of international students that study in Australia. At Graduate Schools of Management, for example, students from about 30 countries within North America, Europe, Africa and Asia participate in the MBA program, and graduates now occupy executive positions in organizations throughout the world. Australian Universities offering MBA programs are particularly well resourced in terms of quality of faculty, ability of students and also in terms of library, computer and other facilities.

Melbourne Business School - Top B-school in Australia

Melbourne Business School is the top B-school in Australia; Image Courtesy:


Advantages of pursuing MBA in Australia

Australia commands a peerless reputation in the sphere of global learning, with a total of seven universities in the top 100 of QS rankings, providing aspiring students with some of the best study programmes available in the world. Being one of the more august study destinations in the world, a harmonious incorporation of both practical and theoretical learning, is the trademark of Australian education. It has recorded impressive statistics, with 75 internationally acclaimed and globally renowned MBA programs, most of which are accredited by AACSB & EQUIS. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary, encyclopaedic learning they strive to promote the all round development of a student focussing on developing communication, personal, and leadership skills for the purpose of encouraging creativity amongst them. Also, because of its location, Australia is a melting hotpot of Western and Eastern cultures. As a result their education system fosters the mixture between the two. There are tailor-made courses that focus on the business environs of Asia/Pacific region. Engaging in multiculturalism is another advantage, as it helps students gain a broad cultural perspective. The economy of Australia has witnessed expeditious growth and low inflation because of refinements in public sector and industrial restructuring, which has made theirs one of the strongest economies worldwide, prompting them to focus on the aforementioned segments so that the country can maintain its current standing and rapid development. For the ones at a financial disadvantage, Australia provides a ton of scholarship programs that evaluates students on a merit basis. International students can gain experience by working at local companies, or international exchange, and study tours. As it is with everything else in life, all work and no play, will make Jack and anyone else a dull boy/girl. On that front Australia has plenty of things to offer. The weather is warm, the landscape is visually stunning, and there are a slew of activities that students can engage in. The facilities and amenities provided are first class and to experience student life in Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Top Business Schools in Australia 2019

Australian Ranking

QS World Ranking

Name of the Institute



Melbourne Business School






Monash University



UQ Business School, University of Queensland



Macquarie University Graduate School of Management



University of Western Australia Business School



Australian National University

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