Cost of Living in Canada

Cost of living in Canada and tuition fees are less compared to other countries as most universities are government-funded. Each university decides upon its tuition fee and there is also a wide range within the same province. Though foreigners have to pay more fees than their Canadian counterparts, the government funding makes it possible for international students to study in Canada. If a student opts for scholarships and financial assistance, then the cost of living gets considerably lowered.

University of British Columbia Campus

Beautiful campus of The University of British Columbia, Canada; Image Courtesy:


Minimum tuition fees of 10 Canadian Universities

University Tuition Fees (Minimum)
University of British Columbia $22,578
University of Toronto $27,240
Queen's University $23,621
University of Waterloo $20,860
University of Calgary $18,338
McGill University $15,348
York University $12,780
Ecole Polytechnique $17,127
University of Alberta $21,590
University of Victoria $16,693


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Student expenses in Canada excluding the student fees and including accommodation will be somewhere between CA$10,000 to CA$15,000. The expenses are high in big cities like Montreal and Vancouver. Some typical costs (in Canadian Dollars) for living in Canada are:

  • Public Transport One Way: $2 - $3
  • Average Restaurant Meal (Individual): $10 - $15
  • Movie ticket: $12 - $13

Estimated minimum annual living costs for a single person (excluding tuition fees)

Student fees     $655
Books and Stationary    $800
Personal and Household Expenses  $2000
Entertainment  $600
Housing and Food Costs $12000
 Basic Health Cover  $600

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