TestDaF - Der Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache

TestDaFThe TestDaf is a language test conducted for foreign students studying the German language who plan to study in Germany. This test is developed and graded by the TestDaf Institut based in Hagen, Germany. This test can be taken at any authorized test centres in your country.

TestDaF is short for Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache which means "Test of German as a foreign language"

Who can take the test?

The TestDaF can be taken by anyone who is planning to study in Germany. This test assesses candidates on their linguistic ability. Those who may require international recognition of their knowledge of German for academic, personal or professional reasons may sit for this test. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you wait to reach an intermediate level before signing up for the examination. It is suggested that candidates who are aged 16 or above take this test.

Eligibility criteria

No specific qualifications have been laid out for taking this test. But before registering for the examination, candidates should already have completed 700 to 1,000 hours teaching in German. The eligibility criteria vary for different universities. It is therefore advisable to check the essential requisites for your prospective university.

Exam pattern

The TestDaf consists of four sections, namely reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written production and oral production. Get complete details on the exam pattern page.

Exam dates

You can enroll for the TestDaf on six fixed dates per year throughout the year. 

Get complete details on the exam dates page.

Exam fee

The examination fee for the TestDaF is €9,000, or approximately INR 7,30,000. During the registration period you may withdraw the fees subject to 15 percent deduction from the examination fee. If you withdraw after the closing date of registration, the examination fee might not be refunded. You can contact the nearest test centre or the Max Mueller Bhavan in your city for further information.

Application procedure

You can register for the TestDaF online at www.testdaf.de and you may choose the country, city and test centre where you would like to take the test. Also, you may contact your nearest test centre. In India, Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi is the only centre which conducts this examination.

Test preparation tips

The TestDaF-Institut recommends that applicants familiarize themselves with the material in advance through preparatory courses. Visit the preparation page for tips to study for TestDaF.

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