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The TestDaF is the Test of German as a Foreign Language, a standardised language test of German language proficiency for non-native speakers. It is for people who want to study in or work at German institutes and universities. The test is provided and administered by the TestDaf Institut. It is recommended that applicants familiarize themselves with the material in advance through preparatory courses. This might help you to be more comfortable with the format and procedure of the examination. However, for self study you may find the model test papers, study material and training material helpful.

Who can take the test?

If you're planning to appear for the TestDaF, then you should already possess a good knowledge of German language. Check out the TestDaF exam date and schedule for the exam accordingly. Since TestDaF would assess your German-speaking skills, it is advisable to attend at least 700-1000 German lessons.

Your communication skills in the language are more important than grammar related rules.

TestDaF Exam pattern





Reading Comprehension

Reading 3 texts and answering 30 questions

Candidates need to demonstrate their ability to understand written texts related to higher education. They have to answer a set of questions which require comprehension of context and detail as well as implicit information. There are three texts at different levels of difficulty. The types of text and task also vary. For example, there could be short texts on everyday life at university, newspaper, magazine articles and articles from academic journals.[3]

60 minutes

Listening Comprehension

Listening to 3 audio-texts and answering 25 questions

Candidates need to illustrate their ability of listening comprehension by understanding spoken texts related to higher education. There are three listening texts at different levels of difficulty: a dialogue typical of everyday life at university, a radio interview with three or four speakers, and a short lecture or an interview with an expert. The types of text and tasks also vary. Understanding of context and detail as well as implicit information are required.[3]

Approximately 40 minutes

Written Production

Completing 1 writing task

Candidates' writing ability is tested by writing a well-structured text about a specific topic. They need to describe statistical data, which is presented in a graph or a table, in the first part of his text, and then state their opinion on a specific question for discussion related to the above-described data.[3]

60 minutes

Oral Production

Completing 7 speaking tasks

Candidates need to prove their ability to speak German in different situations related to the field of higher education. This part comprises seven tasks at variable levels of difficulty and the candidates are asked to respond in various situations in university, like discussing with fellow students, describing a diagram during a discussion section, stating your opinion on a particular topic, or forming hypotheses.[3]

Approximately 30 minutes

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TestDaF preparation:

  • Take as many practice tests as possible to get an idea of how the test works
  • Prepare in advance and revise to make sure you don't forget anything important
  • The test has been designed for international students so the topics revolve around university lifestyle. Make yourself familiar with the topics
  • Most universities in Germany require TDN4 to consider students for their application
  • Practice as many times as possible
  • To prepare for the test, you should be at the B2 level of the German language
  • Various language schools provide training for the test. It is reccomended to take those

TestDaF Grading

Results of the exam are in four separate levels:

  • TestDaF-Niveaustufe 3 (TDN 3)
  • TestDaF-Niveaustufe 4 (TDN 4)
  • TestDaF-Niveaustufe 5 (TDN 5)

A certificate is issued by TestDAF within six weeks. It contains grading of each level with description of the same. This certificate is valid for lifetime.

Test centres

Students in India can check at their test centres (Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi & Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai) for preparatory courses.

You can also go through model test papers for TestDaF to understand the pattern of the exam and prepare for TestDaF.

Model Test 1
Model Test 2

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