Preparatory Course for ACCA Examination

ACCA alias Association of Chartered Certified Accountant is a global body for professional accountants formerly managed by UK based association. The difference between an accountant and Certified Chartered Accountant is that a Certified Chartered Accountant is well-known to all monetary transactions along with other information that is essential to perform tasks in business, management, consulting in the field of accountancy. The terminology ‘Certified Chartered Accountant’ is issued owned with the help of copyright rights, only the members of ACCA have the permit to use it.

Preparatory course for ACCA examination is a program that focuses on training and guiding students for the career in accountancy and preparing them for ACCA body member registration. The course significantly focuses on coaching students with information related to accounting, taxation, account management, business analytics which are the core modules of Chartered accountancy.

Preparatory ACCA examination

Studying the preparatory course for ACCA can benefit students at achieving better standard of job opportunities and career development. Top business and finance schools offer the Preparatory course for ACCA which has helped many students to improve and perform even better at the assigned accountancy tasks. Preparatory course for ACCA is an advanced program that equips students with skills and practices that are required for accounting, business analytics, and management.

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The Preparatory course for ACCA is offered in the universities of UK, Canada, India, etc providing students the knowledge of ACCA examination, forming a solid understanding for the ACCA board examination. The advanced knowledge helps students to deal with insolvency and risk management factors in the field of accountancy. Preparatory ACCA course helps students work on their theoretical knowledge related to ACCA, the course gives students an insight towards the ACCA examination, preparing them to be capable for the accountancy profession.

Preparatory ACCA Course details

Preparatory ACCA course duration is of 55 weeks (Full-Time). Students have to appear for 13 papers for qualifying or successfully completing the preparatory ACCA course. The method and techniques taught at preparatory ACCA course gives students extra hours to learn and add care value.

  • With the help of highly experienced tutors and quality hours dedicated towards ACCA will gradually improves students overall knowledge towards the subject.

  • Students preparing for ACCA have the facility of learning the subjects online with 24x7 additional support provided. Online program will facilitate students with HD videos that cover the entire ACCA course subjects. Through this resource students can study at any willing point of their day.
  • If at all, students do not find ACCA suitable for their career graph, alternate accountancy program: BSc in Applied Accounting (Hons) can pursued.

Other resources:

  • Students will be provided with ACCA course manual, revision kits and books, mandatory class notes.
  • Revision classes will be conducted for improving students overall knowledge.
  • Students can practice for ACCA examination by re-solving past ACCA examination test, where they will not improve their knowledge related to the ACCA course but also understand the format of the examination.
  • After solving past ACCA exam test, students will be provided with a mock test where they have prepare and solve the test with same effective rules applied at an ACCA examination.
  • Tutors or experts will guide students will effective exam techniques that will benefit students whilst appearing the ACCA examination.

Preparatory ACCA Course subjects

Applied Knowledge

1.     Accountant in Business

2.     Management Accounting

3.     Financial Accounting

Applied Skills

1.     Corporate and Business Law Performance Management

2.     Taxation

3.     Financial Reporting

4.     Audit and Assurance

5.     Financial Management

6.     Corporate Reporting

Strategic Professional (Essentials)

1.     Strategic Business leader

2.     Strategic Business Reporting

3.     Governance, Risks and Ethics

4.     Business Analytics

Strategic Professional (Optional)

1.     Advanced Performance Management

2.     Advanced Audit and Assurance

ACCA Course Eligibility

  • Bachelors degree with at least 50% marks and 3 years of work experience. The other documents for the eligibility criteria are listed on the university’s website.
  • ACCA course fees are updated with every year and semester entrance exams, the ACCA course fees is applicable for each subject varying at different costs.
  • ACCA registration takes about 3 years of work experience and further proceeding to a 2 year ACCA course, making an individual an official ACCA member granting the copyrighted terminology ‘Certified Chartered Accountant’ as the title.

Career Prospects after ACCA

Post the Preparatory ACCA course and successfully graduating as ACCA, the role and responsibilities attained by individuals are:

  • With the ACCA course qualification, individuals can work in more than accountancy sector. Public, financial, corporate sectors recognize this certificate and provide jobs that require skills like management, problem-solving ability, analyzing, audit management and more.
  • Analyzing and producing monthly and annual reports of the business accounts.
  • Dealing with taxation issues.
  • Analysing or providing guidance about business accountancy, business laws and ethics with the expertise gained from the ACCA course.
  • Conducting audits at organization along with attaining the right to investigate or inspect the firm’s business and financial practices, if any irregularities are found one can advice for improvements.
  • Controlling, reviewing and introducing new financial systems.
  • Provide advice on financial policies.
  • Management of business finances and negotiating terms with external organization when needed.

With the help of ACCA course, an individual can enhance their various skills like Communication, verbal and written, negotiation, IT proficiency, Numerical skills, Methodical approach are some of the primary skills which leads to improving their overall personality

Top Universities for Preparatory Course for ACCA Examination

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