/Russian Etiquettes For Indian Students

Study abroad in Russia

How should be the behavior of an Indian Student in Russia ?

  • Introductions are informal and direct. A smile is only used for greeting personal friends. Smiling is not respectful on formal occasions and smiling for no reason is a sign of idiocy.

  • Shake hands when first meeting people and leaving, but never across a threshold. It is a sign of bad luck.

  • Russians are still very title-conscious: use titles and show respect.

  • Russians think of themselves as being absolutely honest and trustworthy. So don't show distrust.

  • Like most nations they are proud of their country. Don't tell them that in your country everything is bigger, cleaner and better organized.

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  • If you are invited to a Russian home, it is customary to bring flowers, vodka or wine.

  • Dinner is eaten early, about six o'clock or whenever they feel hungry.

  • Toasts are common, and the guest must be prepared to return toasts.

  • Among younger businessmen you will find more and more non-smokers, teetotalers and even vegetarians. Invitations could include a ballet, circus or concert and dinner in a restaurant

  • Russians are puzzled that westerners can spend the equivalent of an annual salary in Moscow hotels and restaurants, but are unwilling to give them a fax machine so that they can communicate more easily.
  •  Don't click photos of government buildings
  • Don't be disrespectful in Russian churches

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