How to Apply For Higher Education in Singapore

How to Apply?

  • Check the course brochures or website of the University of your Choice to see if you meet the course requirements.
  • Apply directly to the educational institutions accompanied by the relevant certification and documentation.  Please note that local universities accept online applications.
  • Some institutions or courses will require you to undergo an interview or placement test.
  • Upon acceptance, you will be sent a Letter of Offer.  Applicants who apply online to local universities can check their application status online.
  • Sign the acceptance form and return it by the closing date.
  • You will receive a package and should plan to be in Singapore at least two weeks before the semester commences.

Entry Requirements

  • University like NTU, NUS require 2 years of work experience & GMAT is mandatory with 1st class degree.
  • Entry requirements for undergraduates are 85% and above. SAT is required for NTU & SMU.

  • NUS doesn't require SAT.

  • Postgraduate degrees require first class.


  • University generally conducts admission process in the month of July and August.
  • Polytechnic have July intakes running throughout the year.
  • For private institutes you have to apply 3 months in advance before the actual intake.

Contact Information

9 Woodlands Ave 9
Republic Polytechnic
Singapore - 738964
Telephone: (65) 6363 0330
Fax: (65) 6363 0220
Email: [email protected]


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