MBA in UK - Programs, Top B-Schools, Types of MBA

Master of Business Administration or MBA, is structured in such a way so as to give professionals the extra skills or insights necessary to become high-level business directors, strategists or entrepreneurs. MBA programs widen horizons and provide a more detailed picture of local and global markets. MBA programs in the UK hone pre-existing management skills and techniques and help them become global leaders by providing a global platform.

Business schools in the UK are spread across all the 4 regions i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They are located in every major city and town. There are more than 100 business schools in the UK offering MBA programs which have their unique characteristic but have a common mission - to develop global leaders and entrepreneurs.


  • a good Bachelors Honours degree
  • a minimum of three years full-time management experience in a position of responsibility
  • most schools require a good GMAT score
  • good written and spoken English skills with a minimum IELTS score of 6 or 7

Modes of Study

Full Time MBA: This is a very popular course especially among Indian and other international students. It is a one-year intensive program suitable for people who wish specialize in some core management areas.

Executive MBA
: This course is suitable for people who are already employed and wants to improve on their management skills to move up the ladder. Candidates are usually sponsored by the employer. Executive MBAs are usually offered part time over a period of two years.

Modular MBA: This is only open to UK and EU students.

MBA Programs

The core programs offered in MBA by different UK universities are:

  • accountancy and financial management
  • operations management
  • marketing
  • organisational behaviour
  • human resource management
  • information technology
  • strategy

Some MBAs are designed for specific sectors which include:

  • public administration and government
  • health and social services
  • arts, museums and leisure management
  • risk and insurance
  • technology
  • engineering
  • retailing
  • financial institutions
  • defence

Some programs also focus on e-business, international business, globalization and leadership and entrepreneurship.

Documents Required for MBA Applications in the UK

  1. Academic Record
    Academic records will include marksheets and certificates of Class X and Class XII, Bachelor Degree Certificates and transcripts and certificates of any other program which you have attended.
  2. Standardized Tests Score Reports
    IELTS and TOEFL scores are necessary for admission in any UK university. However, some universities may waive off the IELTS if you have studied in English medium throughout. GMAT scores are important for all students applying from India.
  3. Work Experience Details
    Most MBA schools require a minimum of three years work experience. You should be able to provide details of your work experience.
  4. Letter of Recommendation
    Recommendation letters play a crucial for admission in any program especially for admission in MBA courses. A recommendation letter is one which is signed by a person who knows you professionally or has been your teacher.
  5. Application Essays / Statement of Purpose
    The personal application essay also plays a big role for admission to MBA programs. Some business schools provide you with a template for writing your statement of purpose.

Cost of MBA
The highest average tuition fee for MBA program in the UK is between 12,000 - 18,000 pounds. This of course does not include the living cost in the UK.

Top MBA Schools in the UK

Official rankings for MBA schools in the UK are not available but some of the top B schools in the UK along with their programs are given below:

For a complete list of business schools and their programs, click here.

Check out this video to have information on top universities offering MBA courses in UK

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