Craft Ideas

Picture Perfect

  1. Soak a white plastic mug in warm soap water for 24 hours. This is done to soften and clean it.
  2. When it is soft and clean, dry it. Cut a square piece from one side.
  3. Sketch a picture with a pencil on the plastic sheet.
  4. Now using a nail, go over the sketch, scratching it into the plastic.
  5. Take black poster paint or any colour to match your sketch and spread it over the picture. The paint will settle in the grooves made by scratching.
  6. Using a dry piece of cloth remove the paint that is not in the grooves.
  7. Stick the picture on to a piece of thick card sheet.
  8. Draw a border around the picture to make it look complete.

Magnetic Frog

  1. Take a clean ice-cream spoon and paint it yellow or green.
  2. On one end stick ready -made joggle eyes.
  3. Twist two 10cm long strips of wool to make legs and attach them with glue.
  4. Attach a piece of magnetic strip over the legs on the back of the spoon.

This frog can be used in the Primary classes for story-telling sessions.

Wall Hanging

  1. Collect all the mementos that you may have of a vacation. These could be seashells, journey tickets, dried leaves, restaurant napkins, maps, dried flowers, pine cones.
  2. Cut out a shape from thick cardboard which may be able to hold all the mementos. The card sheet may be painted to match the theme - for example, if you had gone to the sea, you could paint the card sheet blue and so on.
  3. Arrange and stick the mementos on the card like a collage. Fix some wool behind the card sheet as a loop to hang the picture.

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