Indian Universities as Centres of Excellence

The University Grants Commission (UGC) encourages higher education institutions to strive for excellence in some specific areas of academic and research work. The following is the list of Universities as Centres of Excellence across India. 

sarder Patel University

Sarder Patel University. Picture courtesy:

Universities as Centres of Excellence
Sl.No. Name of the Universities Area of specialization to
the developed
released as
one time (Rs.
in Crores)
1. Punjab University Biomedical Sciences 5.00
2. Guru Nanak Dev University Sports Sciences 5.00
3. Cochin University of Science & Technology (Kerala) Laser & Opto-electronic
Science & Technology
4. Madurai Kamaraj University (Tamil Nadu) Genomic Sciences 5.00
5. Himachal Pradesh University Himalayan Studies 5.00
6. Sardar Patel University (Gujarat) Applied Polymers 5.00
7. Allahabad University (Uttar Pradesh) Behavioural Cognitive Sciences 5.00
8. Karnataka University Polymer Chemistry 5.00
9. Anna University, Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Environmental Sciences 5.00
10. Arunachal University Biodiversity 3.00
11. Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, (Andhra Pradesh) Traditional Shastras 3.00
12. Devi Ahilya University e-Management Studies 3.00

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