Universities in India With Potential For Excellence

Following is the list of Universities in India with potential for excellence. A part of the sanctioned amount of all the universities has already been released. The table below gives a detailed list of universities which have potential for excellence.

Universities with Potential for Excellence
Name of the University Thrust Area Amount approved (in Rs.) Amount Sanctioned
(in Rs.)
1. Madras University Herbal Sciences 3096.55 Lakhs 20.00 Crores
2. Jadavpur University Mobile Computing
& Communication
29.25 Crores 10.00 Crores
3. Pune University Bio-Chemistry &
30.00 Crores 10.00 Crores
4. Hyderabad University Interface studies &
29.00 Crores 23.00 Crores
5. Jawaharlal Nehru University Genetics, Genomics
& Biotechnology
30.00 Crores 10.00 Crores

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