Handwriting Analysis


Handwriting analysis is a fascinating field. You can either become a Graphologist, or Handwriting Analyst. You will know the different ways this subject can be used in business, law and personal situations.

What is handwriting analysis?

It is a projective technique like body language which can profile human behavior in the areas of social skills, thinking styles, achievement / work habits, and possible ways of dealing in stress. It is a system of studying what is placed on paper in a printed and/or cursive style. It is a way to compare different personalities and their potential for compatibility in the areas of problem-solving, interpersonal skills, how they would fit into a team situation and how they will react under pressure. It is a method to view the emotional development of an individual relative to maturity and consistent actions.

Historical Perspective 

The fact that 'handwriting is brain writing' is un-debatable. Handwriting has a psychological link in the brain, it is understood by very few people outside the handwriting community. Yet, this concept underscores why hand writings movement, patterns across the page can be analyzed.


There are different institutions offering courses in handwriting analysis. You need to join a course to acquire the required skills. Lot of practice is needed before you could actually know the person only through his handwriting. So if you are interested, and have lot of patience, start right away.

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